IT Asset Management


eCycle Florida works with clients all over the globe, purchasing IT surplus, and working with clients to properly dispose these assets.

Buy Back Program:

The process is easy and quickest for selling your equipment at the highest market value. Simply send over a complete inventory list and you will receive an offer within 24 hours. Working with eCycle Florida is effective and can make your job less complex.

What makes this a great method for selling your equipment is our extensive product lines and Global customer base.  Our existing relationships with freight and air carriers also make picking up your IT assets stress-free.

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Logistics/ Equipment Removal

We are a dedicated, clean, hardworking team at eCycle Florida, and will arrive onsite at your facilities for the removal of equipment that is no longer in service.

A simple e-mail to us with your requirements, and we provide you an all-in-one solution to de-install, remove and ship materials out of your facility quickly without interruption of your workflow.


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