We are trusted by highly secure companies in this industry. eCycle Florida works with Military, Aviation and Defense, Defense Contractors, Law Enforcement, Aerospace Manufacturers, and other sectors in this industry. Through our comprehensive IT asset recovery process, disposition and decommission of telecom infrastructure, military hardware, and radar systems are processed in a secure warehouse and provide certificates of destruction.



eCycle Florida serves the automotive industry. From automotive manufacturing to parts manufacturing, to Wholesale Trade to Retail Trade there are many components in vehicles today that should be responsibly recycled when they reach the end-of-life. Data security is of utmost importance due to the nature of data stored in them. We ensure your data is secure and properly disposed of and provide certifications of destruction.



Through an integrated IT asset Disposition service, eCycle Florida adds value to the banking industry. We provide specialized secure data destruction, responsible recycling, and serialized destruction of assets. We offer certifications of destruction. As firms scale out of their data centers and upgrade to new technology, the outdated equipment needs to be responsibly recycled. You can depend on eCycle Florida to keep your data secure with our 100% guarantee to destroy all confidential information that might be left behind on your old electronics.

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Business Services

Consultants, accounting and financial firms, software development companies, customer service centers, engineering, Scientific and Technical Firms, and Legal Professionals trust eCycle Florida for their IT asset disposition services. Regardless if the assets are lease or company owned our team will ensure it is responsibly recycled and meet all compliance requirements. We also provide certifications of destruction.


Petroleum and Chemical

Lower your costs with eCycle Florida by utilizing our IT asset services. We offer free quotes and environmentally- sound solutions nationwide. With the growing concern for the environment, working with an R2 Certified and compliant company is a top achievement. The gas and oil industry can rely on eCycle Florida to properly dispose of old electronics and IT equipment through reclamation, asset valuation, and disposition of supervisory control and data acquisitions systems. We also handle digital instruments, industrial control technologies, and storage hardware. We provide certificates of destruction. Whether you are a natural resource extraction company, distillery, refinery, integrated oil company, or coal gas manufacturer we can help.



Nationwide, construction companies look to eCycle Florida to handle their IT asset Disposition and responsibly recycle their old IT equipment. eCycle Florida will asses your equipment to see if it can be repurposed or refurbished to provide some cash back. We also have a secure and compliant system to destroy your data and protect your company. Certificate of Data Destruction and Certificate of Recycling is given.


Data Centers

With our growing national coverage, eCycle Florida is able to provide our data center recycling services regardless of your location. We make the process of recycling your data center easy. From old bulky computer servers, rack mount cabinets framing, cables, and more we can dispose of it responsibly through our IT asset disposition services. All data will be destroyed and is backed up with our 100% guarantee. Let your business and data center grow and rest assured the equipment is responsibly recycled through our compliant system.



eCycle Florida is trusted by Military, Defense Contractors, Defense Agencies, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, and other sectors in this industry. Through our comprehensive IT asset recovery process, disposition and decommission of telecom infrastructure, military hardware, and radar systems are processed in a secure warehouse and provide certificates of destruction. Protection and security are our top concerns.



We work with educational support services, trade and technical schools, junior colleges, universities, professional schools, and colleges, elementary and secondary schools, charter school and everything in between to responsibly recycle their old electronics. eCycle Florida is compliant with all federal and state mandates and legislative requirements. Whether you are ready to upgrade your administrative and faculty equipment, grow your data center, or dispose of your students old electronics we can help. We can even throw an electronic waste collection event to raise awareness of this growing environmental concern.


Electronics and OEMs

eCycle Florida is committed to environmental sustainability and responsible recycling of old electronic assets. We offer a full service electronic recycling system that is compliant to state and federal regulations. Regardless if the assets are lease or company owned our team will ensure it is responsibly recycled and your data is erased. We also provide certifications of destruction. We provide services that include: Warranty Returns

● Defective Equipment
● Excess Product Inventory
● Manufacturing Waste by-Products
● Equipment Trade-Ins
● Service and Repair Equipment
● Customer Product Returns
● Off Spec Products
● Demonstration and Exhibit Products and Equipment
● Obsolete or Retired Electronic Assets
● End-of-Lease Equipment

Electric Power Transmission Lines at Sunset

Utilities and Energy

We serve Electric Distribution, ALternative Energy, and Power Generation companies throughout the United States. With the constant pressure of managing tight budgets and improving efficiency working with a responsible and compliant company are of utmost importance. eCycle Florida prides itself in our certifications and a 100% guarantee of destruction of all data left on devices. Matching up with the right IT asset destruction and recycling company means more money in your pocket. We offer free quotes for your old electronics and provide certificates of destruction.


Government Agencies

Daily operations, infrastructure maintenance, national security and the privacy of citizens are just some of the things Government Agencies manage. This is some of the most confidential information and ensuring the data stays secure is a top concern. Careful consideration must be made to ensure contracts, research or planning, and our national defense is secure. Our IT asset disposition program complies with national and regional environmental regulations. We offer free quotes for your old electronics and provide certificates of destruction.



The only way to ensure your patients data and your company’s proprietary information is protected at the end-of-life for your IT assets is by working with a reputable, certified, and compliant electronics recycler. If you are in process of dealing with a medical device recall, upgrading your technology, or maintaining compliance with national regulations and legislation eCycle Florida can help. We have a fully-certified and experienced IT asset disposition (ITAD) team that provides certificates of destruction necessary for verified destruction of digital data and medical devices for reporting.

Industries We Serve In Healthcare:
● Home health care services
● Medical research facilities
● Ambulatory health care services
● Medical and diagnostic laboratories
● Dentist networks
● Hospitals and healthcare networks
● Rehabilitation facilities
● Nursing and residential care facilities
● Urgent care facilities
● Outpatient networks



eCycle Florida prides itself in providing the best solutions for your asset management needs. The Insurance industry needs to align with a company that can handle secure data wiping, degaussing, and hard drive shredding and destruction. Risk Management Services, Reinsurance Companies, Insurance Companies, and Insurance Brokers alike trust eCycle Florida to responsibly recycle their old IT assets. We offer Complete refurbishment, redeployment, remarketing and recycling services for IT assets.


Transportation and Logistics

Logistics companies trust in eCycle Florida to ensure data security is a top priority. Hiring a secure and environmentally responsible and certified company is a must. Our IT Asset Disposition services help you to implement a process of securely destroying, recycling, repurposing, and remarketing your old IT equipment. We can assist no matter the trade; Railroads, Third- party Logistics, asset- based logistics, Maritime, Trucking, Air and express delivery services (EDS), Logistics, and postal services.



One of the most powerful and technology dependent industries needs a leader for IT Asset Disposition. eCycle Florida is your company for proper management of their disposal. We provide the telecommunications industry with unparalleled service and we offer buy backs, decommissioning and harvesting of data centers, cell cabinets, enclosures, cell towers, server farms, telecom switch centers. We also offer smartphone and tablet resell and recycling. We have everything you need to help you manage all your retired telecom equipment with more value and less risk. Proudly serving the Cable, Satellite, Telecommunications reselling, wireless telecommunications carrier, and wired telecommunications carrying industry.

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